Hi, I'm Kara. I'm a coach and a maker of knits, purls and podcasts.


My podcast journey began in 2014 with bare-bones "notes to self" on my iPhone, which soon became my first podcast, The Morning Cooldown.

Just a few months later, best-selling author of The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod, reached out to ask: "do you accept guests?" My immediate thought: "Hell yeah, now I do!" and the rest as they say ... is history. 

Combined with my experience as editor of a popular knitting magazine, editorial director and influencer in the craft publishing space, I successfully launched my second podcast in 2015 called Power Purls, candid conversations with designers and fellow editors. In 2020, the podcast was rebranded and is now Podcasting with Purpose, teaching life coaches how to turn WORDS into WEALTH. Click here to listen.


Casting spells with words. Moving minds with a mic is something that has come natural ever since I discovered podcasting in 2014. Fast forward to today, my passion has given me the gift to teach and coach creative women how to create their own powerful voice behind the microphone. 

My career began back in the mid 1990s working in New York City’s Garment Center as an eager young designer. I later took a chance on my passion for knitting, and poured my heart into starting a business in the yarn crafting world, which led me to an amazing career as an illustrator and pattern designer.

In 2007, I began working as a craft book editor, leading me to the ultimate dream of running a popular newsstand knitting magazine, leading me to the path of editorial director.

I began teaching at in-person events my expertise in podcasting, and helped yarn shop owners and designers how to build their own successful podcasts.

I knew I went as far as I could creatively, so in 2017 I broke out on my own and left the magazine to pursue two of my passions: coaching and podcasting. 

In 2020 I became a certified life coach because I knew there was always a mindset piece to every kind of coaching I did, whether it was creative confidence, business, or relationships, it would always circle back to one thing - mindset.

Today, I teach and coach life coaches, how to create podcasts, follow their North Star and create alchemy with words.


If you are a HELL YEZZZ about starting a podcast because you know for sure it is the way to create powerful content to reach your peeps, BUT ... you don't want to go down tech rabbit holes, then we gotta talk.


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