#103 Cables Queen Alison Green

Five years into her role at Berroco, Alison Green has become a master at wearing a variety of hats. Whether creative, managerial, technical, or administrative, her system of planning is all about going with the flow.

In this episode, I’m chatting with Alison Green, Design Department Manager for Berroco. It’s more than just designing for this cables-loving queen, though. From her beginning way back in college as a theater major, knitting between rehearsals and teaching fellow students, to today, managing over fifty patterns in a single season, it all comes down to learning simplicity. 

“I think the way I have cobbled together a few different systems is a bit indicative of my ability to go with the flow and making do with what I have.”

-Alison Green

It’s a huge push to design and get it all knit

Alison shares the ins and outs of her role and how important communication is for the entire team. While she lives and breathes spreadsheets, the intrepid designer carries around a single office notebook to notate design notes, deadlines, to-do lists, projects, and whatever else might come across her desk.  

Listening to this episode, you’ll also learn

  • Why cable stitches are an almost philosophical concept for Alison
  • What it’s like working with a team of sample knitters
  • How digital alarms can be helpful
  • How Alison’s hybrid planning system keeps it all together
  • About how there is still time to join the Berroco Marsh+Mallow Knitalong (KAL)!

Hilma Cable Hat designed exclusively for The Knitter’s Planner™ 

Alison gives us a quick taste of the hat she’s designing for The Knitter’s Planner. Featuring two colors with cables, for an easy, intarsia-like effect, Alison promises it’s something you’ll enjoy learning! You can expect to see the slouchy head-topper in the 2020 Knitter’s Planner. Pre-sales are coming your way summer 2019, so be sure you’re on the list for more! 

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More about Alison

Alison Green is the manager of Berroco’s design department. She has been working in the knitting industry since 2002, as a designer, tech editor, and teacher. In her free time she enjoys singing and playing music, using tarot cards (for reflection more than for divination), and being the slowest athlete at CrossFit. She lives in Providence, RI with her partner John and her cat Abraham.


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