#105 Get a Coach - UPLEVEL Your Life

We may think that working with a coach is an expense rather than an investment in ourselves. When we see the value of working with a coach and how it helps us to transform every area of our life, then we'll really begin to see the magic happen.

The inspiration behind today's episode is my own coaching experience with Pat Flynn, host of Ask Pat and Smart Passive Income podcasts. I'm seriously a fan girl. Just sayin.' You'll hear me get pretty transparent about my struggles with Power Purls Podcast, and how I asked him for help. Pat's advice was truly mind-blowing and a total game-changer. 
I work with my coach regularly, and the focus is life coaching with a emphasis on business. To my surprise, I thought I would be coached on business, but I soon realized that by getting my mind cleaned up about not just my biz, but also how I eat, take care myself, and honor my commitments, my confidence trickled into every single facet of my life. Understanding this was life-changing. 
Getting coached by Pat Flynn was such a gift because it really helped me to get back in there with this passion for podcasting that started more than 4 years ago, and was the reason I got into this online space in the first place.
So here's a snapshot of what I asked Pat for help with:  
"Hi Pat, I know I'm not alone in my struggle as a podcaster who's been at this for over 3 years. I think we don't hear enough about those "in-between" stories about the struggles, but rather we hear mostly about how to start a podcast, but then what? I think this coaching call will help people like me to know if they're actually leaning their ladder up against the right wall, or if it's time to pivot."  
As you'll hear in my conversation with Pat, I realize my WHY in caps I want to share my message. Why I want to get behind the mic. 

So you guys, please check out my episode with Pat by going to askpat.com and definitely check out his other podcast smartpassiveincome.com 

If you are really wanting to make a go at this online space, I highly highly recommend listening to his podcasts, not just to get some amazing advice, but also because he's funny, so smart, and a super-genuine human being. So have a listen, you'll be hooked! 🙂 

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