#106 Three Reasons You Lack Crafting Confidence

What does it mean to be an intuitive knitter? In this episode, learn 3 SURPRISING reasons you may be lacking confidence in your knitting skills. Grab your notebook for this workshop-style lesson because you’re going to learn exactly what is standing in your way!

Kara’s goal has long been to empower you to be more confident, more inspired, more passionate about your yarn crafting. It’s more than just making, though. Knitting, a perfect metaphor for life, is the low-barrier entry for testing the waters in mindset for all areas of your life. It all comes back to the mind. 

The solution to feeling excited and confident is simple: clean up your mind.

When Kara was a new knitter, she didn’t care about skill level when she eyed a beautiful new project to make. Sure, she lacked some skills in some areas, but her excitement and passion to make that thing was bigger than her fear. She made whatever she wanted. Right there … “bigger than her fear.” That’s the key.

Once you get your mind straight, everything else falls into place.

There are three surprising reasons you lack confidence. Three powerful ideas that, when out of alignment, domino right down the line into all areas of your life. Facing those fears in knitting, trying new ways of thinking about your stitches, is the easiest place to start. If you can master your mindset with knitting, you can do this with anything. It’s not about being an expert, but about disproving your own thoughts of “I can’t do that.” No more excuses – let’s get empowered.

Here's what you'll learn in this episode

  • 3 surprising reasons you lack confidence in your knitting (or life) skills
  • How closely linked your actions are to that first thought
  • 7 powerful questions to reset your dominoes
  • What it’s like to sit with your emotions 

"If you change your thought, you can really change your world.” 

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