#108 You Are Enough

Sometimes we keep striving and doing because we think we are not enough. We are enough. We are DOING enough. We are worthy.

When you believe you are worthy and enough, then you don't second guess yourself. You don't let yourself down. You put one foot in front of the other. You keep on truckin.'
In this episode, you'll also learn these 3 big things we do to sabotage ourselves from getting S*** done: indecision, doubt and resistance, and ways to overcome them to create an extraordinary life. 
Why you need a planning process ...
I live by my planner - it helps me to find my lead domino every day to help me move the needle forward in my life. 
Without a planner, I would be a victim of my circumstances, and who needs that when you can CHOOSE your daily destiny! 
Think of a planner as a self-care tool, not a wasteland of sticky notes, which is why I helped create a new all-in-one planner and knitter's notebook, called The Knitter's Planner.
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Did you know that tasks expand to the time we allow? Here's a little challenge for you to put this into action: 
  • Determine one thing that will have the biggest impact and make this your "lead domino."
  • Set a timer for one hour and complete the task. 
  • B-minus work is your goal. DONE is better than perfect. (this mindset keeps you consistently moving forward on reaching your highest goals) 
You may not complete the entire task, but this exercise will show you that you don't need as much TIME as you think you do! 

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