#110 Let's Talk Annual Goals

Today I'm continuing on with my Tame Your Time series talking all things annual goals and how to create your very own vision board!

So why is it that we resist planning ahead? It's because our normal tendency is to do what's easy. This causes fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants kind of problems. In this episode, I show you how NOT to do that! 

You can also see how I've been setting up my new Knitter's Planner page-by-page so you can set yourself up for success here:

https://www.karagottwarner.com/UnpluggedWednesday to see the video of my vision board and my philosophy when it comes to annual goal planning.

When you understand why we procrastinate or avoid doing what's hard -- that's when we are on to ourselves. That's when we actually have to tools to do something about it.

In The Knitter's Planner, and in most planners, you'll find this section. I show you the HOW and WHY of checking-in daily with your highest goals, and why writing and re-write them sets you up for success. 

I also talk about something called a vision board, and how I like mine to look like something out of an art journal.

I also riff on how I started this process many years ago, and how it inspires me to stay connected to my goals. 

A vision board is a space that is up to wherever your imagination takes you. Add quotes, affirmations, paste in pictures from magazines ... whatever.

There's no right or wrong way. Just YOUR way!

When it comes to annual goal planning, The Knitter's Planner allows space for 3 big goals because studies have shown that any more than 3 could make it difficult to stay committed to any of them.

Stay small to go BIG.

I want you to achieve extraordinary success, and if you take the time to plan the goals that will move the needle in your life that will make all your other goals easier or unnecessary you will blow your own mind at the end of 2020.

I also talk about these 3 quadrants that I make sure to include in my annual goals: (in this order)

  • Health and wellness
  • Relationships
  • Work/business

Choosing goals in one of these 3 quadrants creates a harmonious way to counterbalance each area.

Action Step - If you've purchased your knitter's planner, open it to your 2020 annual goals page and map out your goals for 2020. Don't delay. Make it happen!

Have you purchased your planner yet? You still have time to get it before the new year! www.karagottwarner.com/knittersplanner


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