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#112 Do You Have a Strong Why?

Without a compelling reason then we are simply checking off boxes on a to-do list with no strong reason that drives us to achieve the results we desire.

In my last episode, I shared how doubt, indecision and resistance keep us stuck. Today, I’m doing to do an even deeper dive into each of these in this part 1 of a 3-part series.
By the end of this episode, you'll shift from feeling uncertain about how to manage your time, so you no longer feel confused, and doubt and confusion as opportunities for growth.  
We often indulge in confusion and doubt ourselves. I see this so often in my students and coaching clients. Instead telling yourself “I’m confused” how about saying “I’m learning. I may not know the answer, but I’ll find out."
Can you imagine what life would be like if you knew exactly how to plan your day with what truly lights you up? 
Your ability to overcome mindset issues is the most important step on your way to creating a simple planning system.
The tools mean very little if you don’t have a COMPELLING reason for using them. Mindset is the cornerstone of the time management process. 
Let me repeat that again … Mindset is the cornerstone of your time management process.

Episode highlights

So let’s talk about doubt ...
Doubt makes you give up on your dream. 
There is good news though …

Doubt is normal

It’s part of being human

Happens to everyone  

The cycle of doubt in action ...

  • You think you are incapable = the result you DON'T want
  • Create the evidence that you CAN'T
  • What you think about grows
  • Spiral into more doubt and confusion

Here’s how to connect to your WHY ...

  • Write and re-write your goals
  • Follow your guiding light when doubt shows up
  • Put sticky notes EVERYWHERE (And ... by the way, your family will think you are a total nerd for doing this step)

The way to create the future is based on what we think today. 

Lack of belief is the killer of dreams. 
You believe it because you already see it. 
 ... Now go find your power song. Turn it ALL THE WAY up and don't stop BELIEVING.
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In this Workshop, I will show you how to be the master of your time and create a blueprint that takes the overwhelm and confusion out of the planning process!
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