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#113 Indecision Steals Your Dream

Indecision keeps you from going all-in. You wonder what the "right" way is. BUT someone else's right could be your wrong. 

In this part 2 of my 3-part series, I talk about the 3 "sneaky saboteurs" that keep you stuck. Each episode we drill down on each of these, and if you can whip them in the pants, then you'll find wild success on the path to crush your goals! 

Show highlights: 

  • The mark of success is to be decisive
  • You want the manual for how to do it "right" when there is no right way
  • Can only know from doing - test test test! 
  • We can decide to NOT be confused- and make that shift to: “I’m learning”
  • Embrace worthy failure that’s - this is what moves you on your path

My former client, Francoise decided in advance to show up every day and work on her dream. As a result, she has created a wildly successful business from doing just ONE thing ... commitment to her dream.  

When you decide to go all-in on your dream, something magical happens ... you show yourself what's possible.

You learn a new skillset.
You create a domino effect– just committing to this “THING” and following-through no matter what your outcome.
This is what empowers you.
This confidence you give to yourself is the RESULT because ...

You create PROOF you can do a thing. 

How to overcome indecision: 

  1. Decide
  2. Commit (if you listened to part 1 then you remember the 4 Cs of commitment.)
  3. Burn the boats - you can’t get back to shore. There is no turning back!
Here’s a question that I encourage you to ask yourself:

On a scale of 1-10 how are solid are you on your WHY? 

Your answer will be an indication of how you show up in your life. 
I had a friend say to me - how do you get all this stuff done?

I’m no different from you. I just freaking love what I do.

I can’t wait to get to work everyday.
This podcast is one of those things that I absolutely love.
Maybe designing knitting patterns is that guiding light for you … that thing that makes you excited to get out of bed like it’s Christmas morning.
You also know this scenario - the single mom, getting her masters with 2 jobs. How does she do it? 

She just has a COMPELLING reason. All you need to do is find yours. :) 

You got this. Now click here to listen for even more inspiration. 
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