#114 Resistance Makes You Create Excuses

Do you find all the reasons to not do what you say you will? Your reptilian brain is screaming: "me no wanna! I just want to knit and Netflix!"  

How can you possibly resist? The idea of knitting is perfect considering it's been a long day, and you really want to watch that docuseries on Netflix. "I deserve to kick back," you tell yourself.
What is at play here is resistance. We choose to do what feels good instead of the things that will help us reach our great potential. 

Resistance is so sneaky because it will always convince us to doing something that feels good instead of doing what's hard.

We find all the excuses … I’m hungry … I’m tired. I’m sick.
So many things that seem believable and then before you know it, your goals become wishes.  

What happens when resistance comes for a visit: 

  • When things get hard, we look for things that make us feel good
  • This is our primitive brain kicking in. IT. WILL. WIN if you let it
  • Natural tendency - we want to always seek comfort
  • We would rather take the path of least resistance
  • Humans by nature are lazy
  • The GOOD NEWS - this means you are a normal functioning human

How to overcome it:

  • Plan for it! It's not a matter of IF, it's a matter of WHEN
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable 
  • You will allow the urge to NOT do what you say you will do. 
  • The payoff of discomfort? You get to reach your ULTIMATE goals. 

Discomfort is the currency of your dreams.

-Brooke Castillo

When it comes to planning, simple and scrappy is my philosophy. 
Planning starts with just one sheet of paper and I show you how in this episode! 
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Planning is the runway ... then you take off and fly!



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