#115 Courage in Uncertain Times

Courage is not the absence of fear. It's being scared as hell and facing it anyway. Courage in the face of uncertainty shows us what we're made of. 

During turbulent times we can have courage to hold space for ourselves and we can stay the course and sit with the feelings.
We can get through the river of misery. 
We can allow grace and cultivate patient acceptance.

The only way out is through.

-Robert Frost

We can take the first step in faith even when we don't see all the steps.

Accept that you can't control circumstances.

Compulsive social media and monitoring the news does not serve you and only feeds into what you cannot change.

Cultivate raising yourself and others up with empowering practices and beliefs that support you. 

Then lock into your faith, because it will show you the answers you need (even if they may not be what you want).

In this episode I also share these benefits of journal writing:

  • Give wisdom to your future self
  • Read past entries at a time of loss 
  • Ready past entries at turbulent times
  • You'll blow your own mind because you are the best teacher you could ever have

You can only get wisdom from yourself.

No teacher or guru can give you this.

They can give you knowledge.

They cannot give you wisdom.

This can only come from your own heart and experience.

You are more capable and courageous than you realize. 

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