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#116 Crazy at Home with Kiddos

Home with the kids? Then this episode is for you. If you're anything like me, I've been struggling with having my son home and trying to manage my business and all "the things," so I created a guide that might help.

Working from home and balancing work and family is tough. It’s so easy to plug the kids in to the digital devices, which just won't fly for the next few months.
So here’s what I did - I sat down and mapped out a daily schedule for my son and I decided this had to happen as my top priority.
There are always gifts from a challenge … a struggle. It’s funny how finally making this happen came out of necessity based on the crisis we are all dealing with. 
A rising tide lifts all boats — and so I’ve decided to do my part and share what I created for my son with you, it's called “Home with the Kiddos Survival Guide." Grab your copy here

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