#119 Knitalong with Grace Akhrem

Calling all shawl lovers! Meet Grace Akhrem, designer and teacher who shares details about her mystery knitalong (MKAL), and why NOW is the perfect time to cultivate the idea of "not knowing what's coming next on your knitting needles." 

If you're new to the knitalong world, now's the perfect time to dive in, especially if you're sheltering-in-place. This is a great time go clear the clutter ... go deep, slow down, and cast-on! 

You may be wondering what exactly is a Mystery Knitalong (MKAL)? How does it work? Why is it a mystery? In this episode, Grace spells it all out.

Be sure to listen to the end, because you'll learn about a special gift for listeners of Power Purls Podcast for a limited-time only. 

Learn more about the MKAL on Grace's Ravelry page by clicking here, then come on back, grab your needles, and let's knit together. 

What you'll learn in the episode:

  • Grace shares the details about her MKAL and exactly how it works
  • How an MKAL is a metaphor for our uncertain world 
  • What makes an MKAL so intriguing
  • What kinds of clues you can expect along the way
  • Why NOW is the best time to join
  • The yarns she chose and how you can substitute if you prefer
  • Why you're never behind in an MKAL
  •  Get to know Grace, and get and I N S P I R E your stitches! 

Links and resources mentioned:

Prefer to watch the video: check it out here.

About Grace:

Color. Yarn. Texture. Fashion. These are the four pillars of every pattern designed by Grace Akhrem. Colors so vibrant and saturated, you can’t help but smile. Yarn that tells you what it wants to be, seeing if you’ll listen. Texture that looks as good as it feels. And fashion that turns your needles into paintbrushes.

Grace focuses on construction and technique in all of her designs. Most of her patterns are designed for the adventurous beginner or the intermediate knitter. In addition to her career as a designer, she also teaches locally in Los Angeles and nationally around the U.S.


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On Instagram: @graceakhrem

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