#121 Transform Your Life with a Coach

Through the power of working with a life coach you gain incredible insights and awareness about the root of any struggle and learn the steps to overcome them.

I share my own journey and decision to work with my own life coach which has led me to becoming one myself. I discovered that it doesn't matter what your goal is ...a life coach helps you gain awareness about something that may be holding you back that you may not even be aware of, so you can remove the obstacles on the path to the life you really want. 

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the pull of what you truly love.


In this episode, I share with you the concept of "thought work," and why dialing in the right mindset is the cornerstone for all we wish to achieve.
Maybe you crave more time for creative, personal and professional pursuits, or perhaps you want to reach your desired goal weight, or finally get to work on your creative side gig.
A life coach shines the mirror and helps you gain awareness ... a peek inside your brain to understand the root of a struggle.

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As a life and business coach, I hold the space for you to dig deeper … to find the root of your struggle so you can create new beliefs that move the needle in the direction of your creative dreams.

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