#123 Juggling all the Things?

If you're a multifaceted maker, I know you're busy trying to juggle "all the things.” You got the fancy planner but you just can't seem to get out of the cycle of schedule shame.  

The secret to achieving is not doing more. It’s learning how to constrain and focus on your WHY and allowing that to drive your ship. In this episode I’m going to share 5 lessons I’ve learned from over-planning, over-doing and over-scheduling so you can notice them in your own thinking so you can avoid them! 
So let’s dive in to my 5 lessons learned:
#1 Less is MORE
  • Over-planning is an easy tendency
  • Can’t do everything but you can do what’s most important
  • Pay off the choosing - ease, more white space, breathing space.
  • When you define the ONE result you want 
  • It becomes the lead domino for everything else
  • You become a goal-crushing machine
  • You realize you have so much more time because you’ve cleared the clutter of all the extras
#2 Make B-minus is your BESTIE
  • Perfectionism is fear wrapped in pretty box - not badge of honor
  • Success is defined by how many times you fail WHAT?
  • Ship every day (talk about the email and IG collabs while sipping my coffee on sat)
  • Get in there and mess things up!
#3 Just say NO! (I could do an entire live just on this!)
  • Saying no means you are saying yes to YOU
  • Ask yourself: what is the payoff to say no? 
  • What if the payoff meant you will reach your creative goals everyday?  
#4 Guilt is a USELESS emotion
  • People pleasing - you get the short end of the stick 
  • Other people will give you their agendas
  • Focus on yours first, then and ONLY then can you benefit others.
  • Then, you functioning from a place of INTENTION. 
#5 Activity does NOT equal productivity
  • Busy work feels productive but it’s a lie
  • When you focus on results, this is the secret sauce of achievement in any area!


Right now, more than ever, we have a special gift. The gift of TIME.

Many of us are home, sheltering in place … and our schedules have transformed because of this. And we have an opportunity to use this time in ways that we couldn’t before.

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