Do you really need a digital detox?

Do you need a digital detox to take REAL time off? You don't have to swear off social. There's a middle way. 

Welcome to another "bare bones" episode, which is totally fitting for this week, because I just got back from vacation, and while I was relaxing by the pool, I had a little Voxer chat with one of my clients and I said, "sometimes we need to shut things down ... to recalibrate."

So after sending this note, I spent time thinking about this, and it really made me wonder:

Why do so many of us need to take a digital detox, go on a a social media diet ... or whatever new name someone has coined for this modern dilemma?

What you'll learn in this episode: 

  • How to take the middle way, instead of taking a digital detox 
  • How to practice a new kind of self-care to put systems in place
  • Why this is a time to do things differently ... a time for reinvention 
  • Why many of us fall into this trap when we love our business, serving our clients, coaching them, and creating things for them. 
  • Time off to recalibrate is a gift we get to give ourselves. 

"I first saw the power of systems and automating processes when I was a magazine editor.  Yes, it took time, but creating a process is what allowed me to hand things off to my assistant, or a contractor, and I knew the ship would keep moving without me."

Give yourself the gift of putting processes in place now so you can create a sustainable business and the ability to honor your time away from the work love so you can come back with fresh new ideas.

Instead of "shutting it all down" and swearing off social, create the systems so your business can work for you, instead of being chained to your business. This is the best kind of digital self-care you can give yourself.

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