Perfectly Imperfect with Weight Loss Coach Heather Beardsley

Perfectionism tells us to quit, or don't bother trying after the first failure. If we can't do it right we don't do it at all, always making failure inevitable. 

Perfectionism [ per-fek-shuh-niz-uhm ]

noun: tendency to set rigid high standards of personal performance. 


As I write these show notes I feel the pull of perfectionism.

I want these words to be lovely and perfect for you.

I don't want any typos. Oh the horror! 

I want to be eloquent and powerful with my words. 

I want to inspire you.

This is the devil of perfectionism.

Polishing, researching, tweaking, testing ... keeps us behind the bushes, and away from having a real human experience.

We are beings having a human experience in an imperfect world, but we just want all of it to be PERFECT. This is why we struggle. This is what this episode is all about ...

You are in for a treat, because I'm joined by my friend and fellow coach, Heather Beardsley who helps women to thrive in midlife, and we're digging deep into this topic.

Imperfection invites us to own our human-ness, embrace the messy parts and get out from behind the bushes and discover the magic of making mistakes.

We share oodles of inspiration to help you get unstuck, and we chat about our own personal vulnerability and willingness (even though it's hard!) and how we continually do the work in our own lives of letting go of the bonds of perfection. 

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • Why saying YES to imperfection is the green light to take a deep breath and RELAX.
  • How to become the "curious watcher" on the journey.
  • Relief that you don't have to always do it "right." 
  • Just getting in the arena is proof that you are doing it RIGHT.
  • How to deprogram our upbringing that told us failure is not an option.
  • Why failure if the insurance for your success.
  • How we can cultivate not knowing. No roadmap required. Trust the next step because that's all you have.
  • Heather shares her story about the "annoying middle sister who get good grades." The lie: If we just follow the rules everything will be perfect. 
  • Be the kid in art class that isn't afraid to make shitty art.

Become the watcher who delights in taking messy action.  

About Heather: 

Heather is a multi-certified weight loss coach and master's level instructor who has been helping women over 40 lose weight since 2016. Heather believes that the journey of permanent weight loss in midlife is a spiritual journey of discovery of learning self-acceptance, self-worth, and an arena in which to grow into the next best version of yourself. 

Heather has reversed her insulin resistance, fatty liver (NAFLD), and kept off 17 pounds since she was 46. Since then she's dedicated her life to teaching others permanent & sustainable weight loss that works. 

Heather believes in the grit, resilience, and innate potential of her clients. She brings honesty, integrity, transparency, and humor to her programs and workshops because while weight loss may not be easy, that doesn't mean we can't have fun on the journey. Visit hbeardsley.com to learn more.

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