Coaches are Creatives and Creatives are Coaches


Over the past couple of months I’ve been reflecting with gratitude on how I’ve been able to help life coaches share their message through the powerful medium of a podcast, and I had this really awesome revelation come over me this past weekend ...

This past November, a fellow life coach asked if I could help her with starting a podcast. Whenever I see someone show interest in this, in a hot second I'm on it like white on rice.

So we chatted, and I gave her some resources to get started, and she said ... "you know, this would be great to offer this to coaches."  

So that's exactly what  I did ... 

The seed was planted. I started doing live classes on the topic, and it was exhilarating. Then, I created a free Masterclass taking all the feedback, which became the manifestation of what I now offer my clients.

My mission became to help coaches see they do not need permission to get started. All they need is a microphone, a message and a burning desire to help the humans that need them.

What you'll learn in this episode:  

  • Why I became a podcasting renegade ... and I want you to become one too.
  • The benefit of recognizing podcasting as a powerful broadcasting medium that has become the "new radio." 
  • Why coaches are creatives and creatives are coaches.
  • You don't need anything but a burning desire to share your message.

No matter what we are creating - writing, knitting, a visual manifestation, or a coaching program, the inner game is always the same.  

I believe coaches are creatives and creatives are coaches, and if you have a message that you want to share with the world, a podcast is the BEST way to reach the humans that need you! 

In my FREE Masterclass I show you the 3 steps to get started with your podcast ... because all you need is a microphone, a message and a desire to make an impact 

>> Go to karagottwarner.com/podcastmasterlcass to sign up and watch now! 


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