Choosing Fun and Flow


Are you truly having fun in your business following rules you’ve been taught? Or are you just convincing yourself that you love a business draining you of the ease and flow you desire?

You can go against conventional wisdom and run your business intuitively while still obtaining the money and success you desire.

Today I’m talking with coaches Lauren Ciesco and Jen Navaro. Lauren is a sales and money coach for coaches who uses her superpower of helping others be who they are meant to be, tap into their own superpower, and reprogram beliefs holding them back from magnetizing clients in a fun, easy way. Jen calls herself a high-frequency alignment coach for coaches and creative entrepreneurs and helps shift them into a growth mindset and take aligned action from a place of intuition.

"When the mind is aligned on the soul's path and the soul's journey, then we're working in this beautiful unison with ourselves instead of being fragments and fighting."  - Jen Navaro

Listen in as they talk about their coaching business journeys and the inner transformations that occurred over time to evolve what they do for their clients. They address why we gravitate towards following formulas we’ve been trained to and discuss giving yourself permission to follow intuitive hits and bring all parts of you into your business. 

Along the way, they share their stories and give great examples to inspire you to see what’s possible, create trust in yourself, and move forward with your bigger dream.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Jen serves as a high-frequency alignment coach for clients
  • How Lauren went from formulaic to forging an intuitive path
  • What it means to take instructions from within
  • Why we feel compelled to follow the rules
  • The four types of fear
  • How to know when you’re not aligned to your truth
  • The aim of their podcast and what led to its creation
  • Advice for the next step to take if you’re feeling stuck

If you decide to do something just for the love of it without caring that you’ve got no clue how, then that’s actually a good sign. There’s more than just your mind guiding you; your feelings are your real GPS. Follow it and magic can happen!

"It’s in the doing it differently and following what lights you up that all of the answers and the whole path is there.”  - Lauren Ciesco

How to Connect with Lauren:

Web: laurenciesco.com 

Instagram: instagram.com/laurenciesco

How to Connect with Jen:

Web: jnavarocoaching.com/

Instagram: instagram.com/j.navaro

Listen to their podcast: spiritualbossshit.com 


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