Changing the Launching Game for Coaches with TaVona Denise


When it comes to launching, there are all kinds of ways to do it. But consumption-based launch strategies may be a mismatch for you if you’re a coach or consultant.

My guest today, TaVona Denise, is blazing a new trail for booking out your 1-on-1 services and group programs so you can have fun and make money doing what you love. She’s an author, podcaster, and founder of the Launch Lounge for Coaches with multiple launches in the 5 to 6-figure range in her resume. But she always felt exhausted afterward so in response, she created her Launch Optimization Method to assist other coaches in launching without burnout.

How did she get her start as a launch coach? What are the perils of traditional marketing and launch strategies for service-based business owners? In this episode, TaVona talks about her business journey and rule-breaking tendencies, what it felt like when everything clicked into place for her, and getting over her doubts afterward. You’ll hear about better fitting launch models for coaches and consultants, the benefits and caveats of having set launch windows throughout the year, and how to push past your own self-doubt when you think of brilliant business ideas.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

[02:07] - Why TaVona began her business and what she does as a launch coach.

[03:49] - Advantage to using a launch to fill your 1-on-1 practice instead of traditional marketing.

[05:25] - Launch strategy recommendations for coaches and consultants.

[08:11] - TaVona’s definition of a launch and an example of a goal-based launch model.

[10:15] - Clarification on the target audience for the launch process TaVona teaches.

[11:34] - Why open-and-close launch periods are a more effective process for some people.

[12:49] - A caveat to using the open-and-close launch period strategy.

[14:52] - Using an event as the catalyst to get people to take action.

[15:58] - Kara’s free masterclass, 3 Steps to Launch a Successful Podcast.

[17:59] - Ways in which TaVona breaks the rules.

[20:36] - TaVona shares her trajectory and how it all brought her to where she is now.

[22:48] - TaVona’s moment of clarity when she heard the word “launch” from her coach.

[24:55] - Overcoming all the doubts that crop up after clarity comes.

[27:30] - Inconvenient amnesia after the freak-out moment and why it occurs.

[29:19] - Strategy as easy, trust and belief in you and your decision as hard.

[30:53] - How TaVona addresses the upper limit problem with her clients.

[31:50] - Reminder to celebrate past accomplishments, big and small.

[33:35] - Why we should learn to look at failure as a friend.

[34:44] - TaVona’s pieces of advice for launching through your doubts.

The hard part is sticking with your decision and believing and trusting that the decision you made is the right one, meaning that it’s going to either get the result or get you in the position to make the next move.

 - TaVona Denise

When the freak-out occurs, it means you’re onto something that lights you up. You just have to lock in that excited feeling and put the blinders on to the imposter syndrome and other doubtful indicators that sneak into your mind.

How to Connect with TaVona:

Web: tavonadenise.com

Instagram: instagram.com/tavonadenise

Facebook: facebook.com/tavonadenise

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/tavonadenise

Check out her book: Unstoppable Success: How to Finally Create the Body, Business and Lifestyle You Want

Listen to her podcast: tavonadenise.com/breaking-protocol-podcast

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