Avoid These 3 Mistakes and Launch Like a Boss


Years ago, I used to say that podcasting was the future. You’d be able to push a button on your car’s dashboard and listen to episodes while driving. Now the future is here and the podcast world is growing exponentially!

Today, I’m going solo to talk about all things podcast launching. I’ve been having lots of conversations with coaches who are about to embark on creating their podcasts, and I keep noticing three main mistakes they’re making. I want to share them with you, along with some bonus advice that popped into my head, so you can avoid them too.

What you'll learn in this episode:

[01:14] - Launching your show with just a few episodes.

[02:38] - You can have a quick and easy, simple strategy which is what I teach.

[04:42] - Podcasting as a reality that’s made radio more obsolete.

[06:51] - Apple Podcasts’ New and Noteworthy category and why you want in.

[08:53] - The short window of opportunity to get into New and Noteworthy.

[11:28] - If you only use this strategy, you’re gold!

[14:00] - Why coaches shouldn’t fear getting out from behind their own microphone.

[15:16] - Other crucial mistakes that I see.

[15:52] - Why you shouldn’t try to do it all yourself.

[17:42] - Batching your episodes and having a big picture plan.

[20:00] - Ensuring that you and your podcast don’t fade away.

[22:17] - What I want you to do before you do anything else.

[23:03] - Give it at least six months of commitment.

[25:02] - A little about the strategy I coach my clients on.

[26:04] - Leave me a DM and follow me on Instagram.

“One of the simplest things that you can do is just create a little bank of episodes and then launch them during the same week, and you create a big buzz.”

With podcasting, you’re playing the long game. If you love it like I do, you can keep it fun and simple by following my tips and strategies.

I believe coaches are creatives and creatives are coaches, and if you have a message that you want to share with the world, a podcast is the BEST way to reach the humans that need you! 

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