New Beginnings and NEW Podcast!

It's time for a brand new chapter! I'm launching a new podcast about all things podcast launching for life coaches. I am in the beginnings of it all, and you get to help me write this new chapter.

I'm getting ready to create a podcast that is going to be specifically for life coaches who are ready to kick some ass with their podcast, and they want get expert advice from someone who's "been there ... done that" in the podcasting space for almost 8 years.

I'm doing something groundbreaking ... I'm going public with my launch process, and putting myself through the program I teach my one-on-one clients, and YOU get to be a fly on the wall, but you gotta follow me @thepodcastlaunchcoach on Instagram to STAY IN THE KNOW about what's happening over the coming months! 

Details about the Pod-a-Palooza:

  • Help me pick a podcast name CLICK HERE NOW TO VOTE ON THE NAME!
  • How to become an ambassador on my podcast launch team.
  • Behind the scenes updates as I work through my 10-week Podcast Launch Roadmap.
  • I'll share the tools I've created so you can use them for your own podcast launch.
  • Details about my pop-up pod-a-palooza Facebook Group when the doors open!
  • A chance to enter contests and giveaways when the BIG launch happens! 

So again ... connect with me at: @thepodcastlaunchcoach on Instagram because that's where the party continues!


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