Strengthening Your Self-Love Muscle with Maggie Reyes


Whether we’re trying to improve our relationships or work on ourselves, we must start with self-love.

Today I’m chatting with Maggie Reyes, a Life Coach and Marriage Mentor. Maggie specializes in helping Type A women, often married to Type B men, have better, stronger, happier marriages without adding more work to their lives or waiting for their partners to change. Maggie’s also the Host of The Marriage Life Coach Podcast and Author of the Questions for Couples Journal.

Listen in as we discuss how self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love are all interconnected and how they determine the way you experience your outer success. Maggie shares her definition of self-love and the methods she uses to coach others in cultivating self-love, essentially turning this episode into a coaching session (we love it)! She also gives powerful advice and a simple technique that will help you step into self-love every day. 

What you’ll learn in this episode:

·      What it means to build the self-love muscle

·      Why self-love isn’t selfish

·      How to access positive regard for yourself

·      The 4 core elements of self-love

·      How to stay in a mindset of self-love

·      Why celebration is essential in life and in marriage

·      How self-love improves your relationships, career, and creativity

·      The difference between desire and dependency

·      Helpful questions and journal prompts to foster self-love

 “My philosophy is that one person can change the world and one person can change a marriage.” 

- Maggie Reyes

What if we loved ourselves through all the failures, struggles, and obstacles in life?

Self-love is actually a serious topic because it affects every part of our lives. Like the muscles in our body, there are ways to strengthen our self-love and to use it to help us achieve more in life, including a healthy, thriving marriage! 

About Maggie:

Maggie Reyes is a Life Coach, Writer and Marriage Mentor who loves helping whole-hearted women (yes, that means you) re-think, how deep, rich and fabulous (and sexy!) married life can be. More than anything in the world, Maggie cares about love and keeping that engaged, connected feeling fresh and alive and blooming for your whole life.

She believes we heal and change the world one love at a time. So, your marriage matters to more than just you, it matters to everyone your life touches, whether you are stopped at a traffic light, doing groceries, or raising a family.

If there is one thing Maggie gets really excited about it is seeing happy couples thriving, as individuals and as a team.

Connect with Maggie:

On the web: www.maggiereyes.com 

On Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheMaggieReyes 

Podcast: www.maggiereyes.com/podcast 

Get her book, Questions for Couples Journalwww.maggiereyes.com/book 

Resources Mentioned:

Episode #54 of The Marriage Life Coach Podcast on Self-Love: www.maggiereyes.com/podcast/54 

The Marriage MBA Program: www.maggiereyes.com/


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