Client Success Story


Master Coach, Melanie Childers

Watch as Melanie shares her BEST takeaways from having worked with Kara on her podcast, and how podcast coaching has helped create more in her coaching business. 

"My biggest shift working with Kara was how she helped me find my voice, and being me ... which makes longevity more fun. Owning my voice has been reflected back on how people love the podcast."


"I used other people's podcasts against myself and I think it had to be a perfect or a particular way ... it gets to truly look like whatever I want it to look like. Having Kara on my team has really helped me see that."


"Don't wait to start your podcast ... Kara's innate ability to help you streamline all of your thoughts that will lay the foundation for a lifelong body of work is so valuable."

"And if you're in that place where you're like ... OK, I got that, but it's not fun anymore. This is the juice that keeps the ideas flowing ... It's the best thing for the longevity of my podcast because I found the fun again and I get to create it the way I want, and Kara does that so beautifully to help you take off all the shackles of the shoulds."

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