Done-for-You Podcasting. SERIOUSLY.

Podfading goes bye-bye.

I’ve created a done-for-you podcast plan. No more waiting another 6-12 months - your peeps need you NOW.

Here's how it works: 

We get started with a strategy session. 90 minutes. Me, you. Your podcast mapped out. Then you sit back and I create your shiny new show!

Here’s all the juicy goodness I deliver: 

  • Design podcast show art 
  • Social media templates based on show art branding 
  • Wordsmith your show description
  • Edit your intro and outro
  • Set up your podcast host
  • Submit your show to Apple Podcasts
  • First 3 months of episodes edited and produced + show notes 
  • Coaching support sessions 

The power is in YOUR hands to move mountains and minds with a microphone ... and turn your WORDS into WEALTH! 


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