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Biggest Podcast Qs Answered Part 1

I'm talking “shop” today and answering some of the most common questions that come up a bunch for new and seasoned podcasters.

There’s a lot that I have to say on these topics, so I’ll split this up into two parts, so enjoy this part 1 of a 2 part email series.

Is it possible to give away too much of your program on a podcast?

PLEASE Don’t ever worry about “giving too much away” on your podcast because you need to give them a real taste. If you hold back, it’s fluffy and may provide little value.

Here’s the thing – you’re giving them this SWEET taste, but there’s ONE thing they are not getting and that is your specialized attention. A paid client wants your time and an individualized program, and that is something they are not getting on the podcast.

What is the best way to get reviews?

The obvious way is to ask on each episode, but that can fall flat these days. Try to mix it up with giveaways, or you can turn getting ratings and reviews into an event and talk about how to do it and why in a post about it.

You could also do a live video sharing how you’ll be doing a special contest and how they can get something unique and special in return.

The bottom line with ratings and reviews - everyone is asking for them on the podcast while your listeners are doing an activity that may not be practical to do it.

So, take them to the place that makes it simple – your email list, a live video, post, etc., and make it EASY for them to do it!

What are the average download numbers for a new podcast, and for a show that’s been around for a while?

The numbers don't tell the whole story and are often quite misleading. Listen to this episode where I talk about the BS of downloads.

Metrics and downloads are different for every podcaster. There is no special formula. The number of downloads does NOT equal clients or money in the bank.

Enjoy learning and growing, and focus instead on the “squishy metrics” of connection, relationships, community, finding ways to be a better storyteller, and how those create more engagement.

But if you really must know about the metrics, here you go …

The average for someone starting out 150-300 is typical DPE (Downloads per episode) and that’s out of the gate when downloads are usually on the higher side.

10-15 years ago it was possible for a well-promoted new podcast to get up to 1,500 downloads per episode, but that is no longer the norm for an average podcast.

Downloads usually dip down a bit after the first 2 months and then level out for pods that have been around, and then it's all about the work you're willing to do.

If you want more ears on your show, these are the questions to ask yourself: What am I doing to create a community around the podcast? Am I guesting on other shows? Do I invite strategic guests?

It's up to you and your efforts to grow your listenership and metrics, and this takes time and cultivation and it's different for everyone.

Then it’s like any relationship - first is the honeymoon, and it's exciting and you're flying high. Then, the next phase is learning how to have a solid love affair that includes trust, and perseverance, not the constant highs of a hot new relationship.

If you can see how podcasting is like any relationship, it can then be about putting the chapters of the relationship into perspective and forgetting the numbers, and enjoying the learning and growing process instead.

In my next post, I'll be back with part 2, where I'll cover more questions that I often get that can really trip podcasters up so you can avoid them for yourself.

See you then!

xo, Kara audio alchemist, amplifier of voices + maker of pretty things


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