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Do it for the process not the outcome

Podcasting's job is not to make you money or get you clients.

The actual point of podcasting - fun, experimenting, taking creative risks, and building a body of work.

If your idea about podcasting is: "this is just a marketing tool," you are missing the point entirely.

Have you ever thought: "What's the point of recording if it seems like no one is listening?"

When you say "I want ... I want ... I want," the universe hears this: "I don't have ... I don't have," so what that means is, you get more of not having.

It's like the chicken before the egg.

A podcast has the potential to become your ULTIMATE marketing tool, as it has for me ... but only because I did it for the process not the outcome.

Clients finding me, and wanting to work with me was a nice byproduct of this passion.

The first step ... how does podcasting make you feel? Excited, like a kid in a candy store, like it's Christmas morning? That's the vibe I'm talking about here.

Begin with a little "play podcasting" as I talk about in this episode of The Confident Coaches Podcast with Amy Latta.

Your only job is to get behind the mic, keep having FUN, and trust the moment you are in.

You may also like this episode, where I talk about how to take one episode topic and use it in 8 creative ways, making your podcasting process fun and EZ. I've been getting a bunch of amazing feedback about this episode, so if you're in a pod-crastinating rut, I know you're gonna love it!



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