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Do it on your phone

I've been thinking a lot lately about the person who I'm here to help. I'm thinking about their needs and wants when it comes to podcasting. I know this person has LOTS to say, but it’s about the freakin’ tech. The “equipment” gets in the way, so if they could get past that, they could do the darn thing. But what happens is they buy the how-to podcast course or get the checklist or cheat sheet. The book and cheat sheets end up in the drawer, the course is half-finished, and the podcast goes on the back burner. They say, “When I have time, I’ll do the podcast,” as opposed to, “I’ll do the podcast because it’s easy and I don’t need to invest in anything new.” So that’s what I’m getting at here, it’s about being scrappy, a bit of a maverick, and going rogue on a barebones approach, and even forgoing music, or an intro and outro if that's tripping you up. The are only 3 ridiculously simple things you need ...

  • Recording studio in the palm of your hand - (your smartphone) YES – that thing attached to your hand (no shame there, mine always is!).

  • Simple microphone - the one that came with your phone is fine, or go with zero mic and talk close to the phone - yes, this works and sounds great!

  • Recording app - Spotify for Podcasters is amazing! If you ever used Anchor, it has now become part of Spotify. So go Google "Spotify for Podcasters" and it’ll pop right up.

So you may be thinking, “ok, yes EZ AF, but show me how!” Well, you’re in luck because I recorded this 10-minute video showing you exactly how to set up this mini recording studio. Click here to watch it and enjoy! Or watch here on Instagram

xo, Kara audio alchemist, amplifier of voices + maker of pretty things


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