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Give them a taste

*I'm giving you a nice one here*

There’s always a lesson and a way to bring something back so your listener walks away with something they can hopefully use, and feel inspired by.

There’s not much value in an episode when it’s about telling the listener what to do instead of sharing a new perspective they can test drive.

If you’re talking in a very specific way, at some point you could lose the listener if they don't have context for what they are listening to.

It’s like talking in a vacuum because, yes, you are talking to the people who already know you, but those who find you randomly don't know too much about you, so that means they might get confused.

Welcoming new listeners is pretty simple. Speak as if there are new people listening for the first time, and if you talk about a specific concept, refer to a past episode by name and number, instead of, "Hey check the show notes," because that could lose em’.

Remember how your peeps are listening - on their phone, on a walk, in the car.

Make it so easy. Create the exact way to get that thing so it's easy to do on their phone, right in the player because most people do not go to the website show notes unless you make it compelling to do so.

If you want them to do something and stay on your website for a while, then create that easy path that is clear in the podcast episode audio. If you have a freebie and you mention things on your show notes page, but not in your episodes, then how will people even know about it?

So being in the habit of “re-introducing” what you do on the podcast over and over again is a good practice. Don't be afraid of redundancy. Let new people know who you are over and over again.

Someone needs to get to know who you are before they make any kind of investment, and I'm not just talking about money here. I'm also talking about time investment.

Time is not a renewable resource, and we all want to use it well. No one wants to waste time on something we’re not sure is for us.

Give them a taste first, and make it yummy and leave them wanting more.

And don't be afraid of teaching what you do without holding back. You can never do that because the thing that people will pay for is YOU. Your 1-1 attention as a coach; your course structured in a custom way for them. That’s what they will pay for.

The podcast is giving valuable pieces of what you do so it gives listeners a real taste. Not something fluffy. Give them the full-fat version.

So … go ahead and give them a taste. Rainbow sprinkles and all.

xo, Kara audio alchemist, amplifier of voices + maker of pretty things


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