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Let it be bad

Here's how to really grow ... to be the silly, quirky version of YOU.

And sometimes that means you miss the mark, mess up your words, need lots of retakes ... and just get loads of bad shots where your kid makes funny faces are your husband can't seem to keep his eyes open.

If you can't beat 'em, ya gotta join 'em.

Sometimes you gotta leave in messy bits, the typos, the ums, ahs, and ya knows.

Let it be organic. Turn the "bad recording session" into "how could this be part of my story too?"

Pushing, wanting, and wishing for a certain outcome only creates more agony, and stifles growth. It's like you sending out a vibe to the universe that says ... "I'm tight, I'm closed, so ... no thanks.

Release your grip on wanting to get it right.

Here's a fun "raw and real" episode that I enjoy doing from time to time. No intro, no outro. Letting it be rough around the edges.

Embracing the beauty in that imperfection.

By the way, we eventually got that shot in beautiful Acadia National Park, in Bar Harbor, Maine.

This one's a keeper. <3



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