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This might trigger you

I’m changing how I do podcasting and I need you to know about it. What happens on our podcasts is a reflection of our lives, what we’re living in those breakthrough moments, what’s happening in the world at large, and creating solutions for the people we feel called to serve. BUT— we sometimes forget this and use a podcast as a space to complain, rant and think out loud. (I know this because I’ve done it myself.) Being a modern podcaster means we are taking on a great responsibility to be a steward to help our peeps come to their own conclusions, not tell them what to do. Not spew our ideas as “truth” but rather share them as another perspective. To not shame or blame, but to acknowledge we all walk in our own shoes and cannot claim to know what’s right for someone else’s shoes.

If this is triggering for you, I totally understand. It’s hard to have these conversations, and I’m still in the process of learning how to have them myself. So back to this concept I call the “modern podcaster.” It means we cannot live in a vacuum. It means stepping out from behind the bushes of our own resistance and looking down the edge of a cliff. What’s down there? What happens if I jump? To stop being an amateur and give into knee-jerk resistance, but instead, take the high road and turn pro as Steven Pressfield urges in The War of Art. There are no “rules” of online business. In fact, we’re going through a revolution right now. Something stopped landing for me in my coaching business, and in fact, it made me shut down, pissed me off and I couldn’t figure out why at first. I seriously resisted and thought everyone is just over reacting and just cut it out and let’s get back to talking about mindset, purpose and self-care. But I felt nothing. I checked out. I stopped emailing, facebooking, instagramming. I needed to take a pause and figure out what TF I’m doing here. What is my place in all of this? Going through the birth canal was dark, slow and painful, but way worth finding my way back to myself.

xo, Kara audio alchemist, amplifier of voices + maker of pretty things


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