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What your peeps really need to hear

When I began podcasting in 2014, all I wanted to do was put words out into the world. The feeling was like a clunky first date as a teenager.

It was new, exciting and I loved this special new medium to amplify my words so others could hear them, and maybe get what they needed.

In 2014, the culture of the digital marketing space was exploding. The self-proclaimed influencers and online gurus were popping up everywhere and peddling their stuff.

The "group think" was a movement, and going against it to do something radical like trust ourselves meant we were the outlier.

We began to listen to the masses instead of our own wisdom and realized that the "m" in masses can sometimes be silent.

When I began my podcasting journey, I was working as a magazine editor at the time, so podcasting became my fun side project in the mornings before work.

No agenda, just the desire to connect, and I discovered this "podcasting thing" that peeps were talking about, so I went for it even though it was clunky and messy.

I had no idea WTF I was doing, but my desire for connection was far greater than my fear of looking quirky and clunky.

Sometimes it was like feeling my way in the dark. Trusting myself was radical, but fun and daring. We're all making this up as we go anyway, right?

When I connected from a place that made me come alive, it made everything else electric.

Now go say something to your humans. Let them know what's really on your heart today.

Trust yourself. That's how REAL sparks are made.


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