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You'll find everything you need to create, launch and DIY your own podcast. You'll find a selection of audio and video trainings, printable checklists, and guides to keep you inspired every step of the way on your podcasting journey! 

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One Episode 8 Ways

In this audio training, you'll learn my special method for taking just ONE episode and repurposing it in 8 creative ways! 

Podcast Launch Lab Roadmap

This is the exact framework to launch a podcast step-by-step. This Roadmap is set up as a handy checklist to mark off each step as you go. Also included are links to purchase microphones, music, and other tools.

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Podcasting in 3 Ridiculously
Easy Steps

In this video training, I teach you a bare-bones, scrappy approach to starting your podcast. How about this weekend? 

DIY Podcast Tour

This DIY video training shows you how to create a podcast tour to gain more awareness for your podcast and put your show on steroids!

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