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Isn't it time to make your podcasting process easier?


Done-For-You Podcasting
Sure, you could figure this podcasting thing out on your own, but time is precious and you'd rather work with someone in your corner who's figured it all out.
This is the solution for you if you don't want to spend time going down tech rabbit holes figuring out how to put together a podcast when you could instead press record and let an expert handle the rest.
Here's what I do when you hire me to launch your podcast ...

  • Create your podcast brand and show art

  • Branded episode cover template

  • Branded audiogram template

  • Set up podcast host/distribution platform 

  • Recording resources and training guides

  • Edit and produce the first 2 episodes

Basically, EVERYTHING YOU NEED to show off your shiny new podcast to the world.


You ready? Press that pretty button below and let's get started! 


This is the solution for you if you have an existing podcast and you are looking for someone to step in to edit and produce your podcast week after week.


What you get per episode:

  • Edited intro/outro with music 

  • Tagged audio files to optimize SEO

  • Export episodes to MP3 audio file

  • Episode uploaded to hosting platform, including show notes and transcript

  • Upload audio content to Dropbox 

  • Episode cover image

  • Episode audiograms

My work speaks for itself, so check out The Confident Coaches Podcast with Amy Latta and Your Favorite You with Melissa Parsons, two of the podcasts I produce each week.


Click here to see more happy clients. 

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